Real women are everywhere!

Men have a very strong desire to touch a woman. This is the man’s nature. There is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is their attitude to women. And as the result of that, the quality of the male touch is often not pleasant for women. Men often do not see a person inside […]


Most men and women believe that in order to be considered as a good lovers they need only to know how to bring their partners to orgasm. That simple orientations brings many couples to the point when they feel worry about their ability and energy capacity to achieve orgasm themselves or to bring their partners […]

A lot of men believe that they are very tactile and sensual…

A lot of men believe that they are very tactile and sensual. ‘I love touching a woman’s body’, many men would say. Yet, they do not consider that they also have to be present with their women but not live in their own fantasies about touching a female body. A lot of men touch the […]

Factors which create the negative effect in your love life

Judging your own body performance and your partner’s. Making your partner feel that he/she haven’t satisfied you. Comparing your partner’s body sensitivity with other people’s bodies. Telling your partner about your experiences with others, no matter good or bad. Holding back expression of love and affection. Expecting from your partner more than he/she can do. […]

How sexual problems rise

  Very often people hesitate to come and to see me in fear of what they might find about themselves or about each other of they are couples as most people never talk to anyone about how they feel in sex. Most people do not understand that sex cannot be viewed as a psychological problem. […]