Angel or Slut?

“Men want to marry an angel but in bed they want a slut” This idea comes from a very limited understanding of sex and from the idea that the woman should seduce the man to arouse his sexual energy. Deep down in every man there is a strong fear of not being aroused, so men […]

Women and sex

When I am among a group of women and tell them what I work with they often react with some caution and hesitation. Then, as soon as I explain that my view on sex is for it to be a foundation for a long lasting marriage, all women are interested! Women don’t want just sex. […]


The idea that male and female bodies are sexually very different is wide spread. So is the idea that women need less sex. Women usually don’t worry a lot about how to satisfy their men sexually. They worry about how to attract men and keep them from other women. This is the main reason why, […]