Most men and women believe that in order to be considered as a good lovers they need only to know how to bring their partners to orgasm. That simple orientations brings many couples to the point when they feel worry about their ability and energy capacity to achieve orgasm themselves or to bring their partners to orgasm. Couples feel lack or desire to have sex, low energy, they develop the sense of disconnection with each other and so on… all negative feelings. Tips and tricks from Internet offering tools for getting arousal would not work for long.




Touches are kissing, holding, stroking, contact via different parts of the body. Most of men and women do not pay attention to all these touches and so do not know how to create the sense of love, connection and sexual desire via touch. There are many touches for you to learn as this skill does not comes naturally. Learning them you can make your love life much more colourful. 


Massages are special techniques applied to different parts of the body to create the right intensity of energy and the sense of care between partners. Massages are a very important part of lovemaking. Yet, most men and women do not do massages rightly. Learn different sensual and erotic massages. They are a special expression of your love, as well as a beautiful energy work. 


The way partners move their bodies during lovemaking makes a huge impact on the level of energy of arousal and can dramatically effect the sense of love, connection and sexual desire: empower it or kill it. Instinct always drives us to move fast and rough. Instinct is a killer of feelings and sensations. Moving slowly and gently is like walking a magical road, the road of love. 


Intercourse is a very complicated process if you want to create the sense of love and connection as well as gaining the energy instead of loosing it at the end. It has a lot of elements which most men and women do not consider as they know nothing about them. Become educated and trained in all these elements and you transform intercourse into happiest experience always for both. 

Combining these elements, using them in different days according to the state of the mind and body physical energy every couple can have healthy and happy sexual life.

Flow while making love

Go with the flow while making love. It makes no sense to force the body and energy, it makes no sense to worry or dream about what you would do while making love, it makes no sense to create any fantasies, wants and expectations. Your and your partner’s bodies know what they need when they are approached with love and care. Touch and be touched with love and care. Guide each other in what feels best on this particular day, as the body can feel differently from how it felt previously. Every body is sensual and erotic, but the mind blocks that natural flow by fantasising and desires. Have no restrictions on your feelings, but be careful with your actions as they can be irritating or even painful for the body of your partner. Body cannot be controlled and forced to orgasm, it can be loved and then orgasm may happen or be delayed. Let your body be loved by your partner and love the body of your partner, but not just stimulate and be stimulated to orgasm.