Coaching Programs

All Unimacy programs take you on a soulful and sensual journey

– alone or with your partner.


All programs include teaching about:

  • your own body and sexual energy
  • your partner’s body and his/her sexual energy
  • erotic and sensual touches to create an experience of love
  • physical techniques to maintain an energy that supports connection and a lasting relationship
  • emotional and physical techniques to create deep loving connection during sex
  • nurturing and relaxing sensual techniques to improve health and a sense of wellbeing


Coaching Programs



The 2 hour program includes practical training aimed to give you a greater understanding of the physical, emotional and energetic aspects of sexual communication. You will learn the main principles of controlling and directing sexual arousal in order to create a loving state of mind. You will be taught how to touch in a way that communicates love and care. Fee: £320


This program includes 4 workshops of 1,5h with a gap in between workshops of 7-10 days. The format allows a gradual learning of many lovemaking techniques with a lot of “homework”, which means you have time to practise a lot between workshops. Fee: £1000 – for a couple, £700 – for an individual.


The 5x1h program consists of 5 workshops, 5 days in a row. It is an intense immersion in new knowledge, which allows the body and mind to achieve total transformation. A significant change will take place as repetition always takes things to a new level. You will learn to focus on the loving aspect of sexual connection. Daily training will help you reduce your biological desire towards high arousal and orgasm and establish a new habit of looking for more gentle and loving sensations. Fee: £1000 – for a couple, £700 – for an individual.


The 5 hour program is one workshop lasting for 5 hours. It is an option to learn the Unimacy practical tools for those who are not able to see me repeatedly, due to living far from London or for other reasons. The program is a training in lovemaking concentrated within a short space of time. It is an intensive training that can be a new beginning for you, opening the door to a loving sexuality. Fee: £700


It is also possible to create a completely individualised program suited to your specific needs.

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For more details and information about payment please contact me.