Couples in crisis

Couples came to me in almost a crisis and after the first session they see that their problems were misleading information about sex and intimacy received from outside world.

Every couples problem is totally unique. Yes, the information most people get about sex from the very early age is very misleading and makes them be totally incommunicable with their partner about how they feel because of fear of hurting the partner’s feelings. I help the couple to understand that their bodies are sensitive and needs to be explored and treated accordingly to its sensitivity. There should be no such things between two people how love each other as body performance. Each body has different energy at different moment of life and this energy just has to be considered. If a man has no erection it does not mean that he is not attracted to a woman. If a woman hasn’t achieved orgasm it does not mean that she is sexually unhappy or unsatisfied. And the opposite: presence of a good erection does not mean that a man loves a woman and cares of her, and the reaching an orgasm does not mean that a person really expressed love or received love. Men and women need to become more intelligent in sex and every time decide what they want to do in sex according to their emotional and physical states. And these states fluctuate every day. Every couple needs to learn to recognize each other’s needs for this particular day. Also all needs need to be adjusted to the lower level. What this means is the partner who is more energetic and emotionally uplifted should be more gentle and soft towards the partner, who is more tired or less emotionally balanced. In my teaching every couple receives a totally different approach to their problem, but the main direction is the same, giving partners tools for such body-to-body communication which brings them both to comfortable and happy state as a result of sexual practice. Making love is a very powerful way to get over any crisis in couple’s life. We can health mind via body and vice versa.