Sex is a fundamental part of us. It affects our wellbeing on all levels – physical, emotional, psychological, energetic. We’ve been told that sex is a purely physical pleasure but as we attempt to go along with this feel a void, an unfulfilled need that we can’t explain. Seeking physical thrills may be enough for animals but it’s not enough for us in the long run. It is as if we were told the purpose of life is only about eating, sleeping and defecating.

Sexual desire satisfied via passionate sex and orgasm – which most people consider to be good sex, at least for some time – does not create lasting happiness. It is illusory and creates unhappiness as soon as the passion subsides or orgasm is not achieved. Passion often dies within 2-3 years and most partners cease making love after 10 years of marriage. Finding a new sexual partner doesn’t guarantee that it will end up differently. Nor does spicing up your sex life with games, toys and stimulating images help the relationship to survive. These tools and tricks simply stimulate arousal and our hormonal capacity for arousal starts to diminish from the age of 23!

Does this mean we are doomed to frustration and unhappiness? No! Everyone who wants to can learn to create physical love.