Foreword from Lara Anderson


Dear Friend!

Please let me present to you my concept of my Unimacy teaching.


In my e-book “Unimacy. Love And Intimacy That Lasts” I present the fundamental principles of my Unimacy teaching. I believe that t hese principles are revolutionary and transformational for most people. 

I have created the word “Unimacy”. It combines two concepts: union and intimacy. In this combination of two words I see a great meaning: uniting with yourself, with the partner and with the whole universe as well as being intimate (open) with yourself, the partner and the universe.

The act of intimacy is the place where partners experience an incredible sense of closeness, openness, honesty, truth, purity and sharing. My Unimacy teaching offers a wide variety of practical love-making tools and step-by-step guides for couples at different stages of their relationship. By applying them men and women can eliminate any problems arising in their intimate lives, improve and deepen their relationship. My Unimacy teaching is a framework for expanding feelings of love through physical and emotional expression.

Physical love is the foundation of constant affection.
A deep emotional and erotic experience of intimacy is the supreme embodiment of love between a man and a woman.

Reading my E-Book “Unimacy. Love And Intimacy That Lasts” you will  open the door to a deeper understanding of SEXUAL DESIRE as an expression of love.  

My e-book is about how to live in love every minute and how to express this feeling through the body without fear, complexes, confusion and embarrassment.

Reading my e-book “Unimacy. Love And Intimacy That Lasts” can totally change your life. It can create a revolution in your mind and then you can learn a rich palette of physical sensations via physical training programs. These sensations are created by loving and attentive touch. They are always available to you. They are a gift you can give to yourself and to the body of your lover. And you can do that as long as you live on this earth. Most interestingly, your body knows these sensations, it just doesn’t allow itself to experience them because if your mainstream beliefs about intimacy and physical contact. My Unimacy teaching presents the new understanding of physical communication between two lovers that will help you remove all obstacles to giving and receiving love fully and creatively.


  1. What is intimacy?
  2. Why are people unhappy in their intimate lives?
  3. What are the mainstream beliefs about intimacy?
  4. What are the differences between men and women?
  5. What is physical love?
  6. How do you love with all your five senses?
  7. What is conscious love?
  8. What is desire?
  9. What is loving touch?
  10. What is romantic love?
  11. How can we create a happy intimate life?

 And much more…


“ I wish I had read this book when I was a young! My life would have been completely different, much happier!”

“I believe that “Unimacy. Love and intimacy that lasts” should become the main textbook for mankind on physical love!”

“I never thought about many of the things that are presented in Unimacy concept. Maybe if I had I would not have all these hang ups…”

“I wish my partner would take what is in this book into his life with me and treat me differently…”

“My husband and I read the book slowly together. We found a lot of truth in it…”

“This book is such a relief! It helps me release all my fears and worries…”

“I cannot say how much I loved what this book is saying about women and men! After reading “Unimacy. love and intimacy that lasts”  our life as a couple has changed! This is an eye opening book!”

“I have never read anything like this! Many of these thoughts and ideas are the solution to problems that I have experienced for years around my intimate relationship…”

“This book should definitely be taught in schools to the younger generations!”