Everyone Longing For Love Can Create Love

Creating love is the same as creating anything in life.

You need to focus on it. You need to focus on it constantly.

Like you focus on your work to get better at it and be promoted, you need to know what is your focus in physical love.

What are the elements you need to develop and improve in order to maintain love?

Sexuality is viewed by a lot of people as well as medical, professional and spiritual teachers as something purely personal, related to self-pleasuring.

Sexual happiness comes from within as everything else in a person’s life comes from within. Yet, it does not mean self-pleasuring.

In a sexual act with someone else, you are not the only person involved. There are two people here – your partner and you. Note, I have said: ‘your partner and you’ but not ‘you and your partner’. When talking about happiness from within, I meant loving and giving this body of yours as a gift to your partner. Your pleasure of making your partner happy creates sexual happiness within you. Not reaching orgasm, not gaining you own sexual release, not feeling aroused. Your joy comes from touching and loving your partner’s body for the sake of your partner’s comfort and happiness. Your joy and pleasure comes from receiving your partner’s physical love, touch, kisses, hugs and reciprocating.

The main focus of your sexual life is your partner.

Do not worry that you may be left with no pleasure if you give all your attention to your partner. This book is for partners to read together and agree on sharing each other in mutual way. If your focus is your partner, then your partner’s focus is you. It does not make sense to be together if it is not like that. A happy sex life and a happy relationship is not possible if each partner is focused on themselves.