Five Senses In Pysical Loving

Physical love compounds feelings of love with sexual arousal and with our five senses. The body of a loved one creates in us a strong desire to touch him or her and it creates sexual arousal in our own body. We too want to be touched by the person we love and we want to be wanted by them sexually.

Physical love is not just touch. It includes all the five senses:

  1. touch
  2. sight
  3. smell
  4. taste
  5. hearing

When we love someone we want:

  1. to touch the person,
  2. to look at him or her,
  3. to smell his or her smell,
  4. to taste his or her lips or other parts of their body,
  5. to hear their voice.

We also want to be physically loved the same way in return.

We need to learn to never stop enjoying our partner’s taste, smell, appearance, the sound of their voice and breathing. This comes down to our concentration and focus. If we widen our focus to experience our partner with all of our five senses and express our enjoyment of that experience, we make our partner feel special and so much happier. Our life is driven by pain and pleasure. The feeling of pleasure is our anchor. The pleasure of being loved completely, including the way we look, smell, sound, taste and feel to the touch creates a deep sense of being appreciated and therefore a deep sense of connection.