Flow while making love

Go with the flow while making love. It makes no sense to force the body and energy, it makes no sense to worry or dream about what you would do while making love, it makes no sense to create any fantasies, wants and expectations. Your and your partner’s bodies know what they need when they are approached with love and care. Touch and be touched with love and care. Guide each other in what feels best on this particular day, as the body can feel differently from how it felt previously. Every body is sensual and erotic, but the mind blocks that natural flow by fantasising and desires. Have no restrictions on your feelings, but be careful with your actions as they can be irritating or even painful for the body of your partner. Body cannot be controlled and forced to orgasm, it can be loved and then orgasm may happen or be delayed. Let your body be loved by your partner and love the body of your partner, but not just stimulate and be stimulated to orgasm.