Having sex or making love?

Deep down we want to make love at any age and after many years of marriage. However, most of us do not know what making love is or how to make love instead of ‘have sex’. Because of this a lot of men and women go through love dramas in life.

Most people have sex but hold back from loving and being emotionally involved to protect themselves from pain. A couple’s sex life can become a boring routine focused on reaching climax where one person demands from the other their physical pleasure. The result is the loss of faith in true love which is common today. Sexual desire is instant and very powerful, but doesn’t in itself mean intimacy. We need freedom from instinct. We need to evolve as loving sexual beings towards the feeling I call physical love. Physical love is not just sex, it is much more! The emotional exchange is the key. Having sex with love has a completely different energy that will bring true happiness to your life. Sex will be an expression of love, care and acceptance coming from a place of physical and emotional balance.

But just like having good health, having sex with love doesn’t happen automatically. You need to learn how to create and maintain love through sex. The good thing is that this learning is possible for everyone who has the desire and intention!