Our instinctive sexdrive is uncontrollable, like that of an animal. Allowed free reign it becomes wild and demanding. Instead you can train your desire to serve your relationship. It can be channelled into a flame supporting and supported by a feeling of love.

Our sexual desire can easily be kept under control by learning how to direct it. When we get caught up in our arousal pushing ourselves towards orgasm we lose connection with our partner. We selfishly get our fix, but are alone with our desire. Our actions serve our instinctual drive and even when our partner wants the same, we are both serving our instinctual desires using each other’s bodies. Everyone wants to live ‘happily ever after’ with the person he or she has chosen. For this we need to regularly express love sexually but keep our instinctive sexual desire under control. Expressing love physically is an every day necessity for the feeling of love. but physical love has no emotional or energetic end. Instead it creates a continuous emotional and energetic balance.

When we stop being ruled by the goal oriented instinctual sexdrive and use our sexual energy as a way to connect and express love we will become relaxed and happy. We will be energised by lovemaking, able to fully express ourselves. We will feel loved, balanced and satiated.