Magic Of Sex

People have to understand the meaning of sex as attachment and care. They should not see sexual relationships the same way as people see public speaking. They should not see sex as ‘performance’ and as a responsibility to impress. Men and women should not try to meet their partner’s expectations in sex, whatever sex is. If they will think about sex as love, care, acceptance and gentleness they will have Sex-Magic.

What do men and women usually tell about their partners when they consider that they have good sex life?

1.  “My girlfriend is gorgeous! I like to have sex with her!


2.  “My boyfriend is so passionate! He always brings me to orgasm!”

We do not hear so often:

3.  “I am very gentle with my girlfriend’s body. I listen to every her breath and ask if she is comfortable with everything I do to her body.”


4.  ”My boyfriend is working hard. When he comes home I want him to relax and to rest. I give him slow and gentle massage, kiss him all over and make love to him slowly and gently. I want him to feel loved by me.”

Do you believe that your partner has thoughts 3 and 4? Do you often have similar thoughts yourself?