Male and female sexuality. Cats and dogs!

The male body is in its nature like a dog in the best sense. A dog is always ready to jump and run to catch the ball or stick. It wants to do it over and over again. A man is always ready to participate in sex to “get” an orgasm. It is the biological purpose of his sexuality. A dog is happy with any touch from its owner and not fussy about if the touch is rough or quick. The dog doesn’t mind any touch from the human it loves. So a man will happily receive any touch from the woman he loves. No touch will be uncomfortable, rough or disappointing to him if his woman is touching him with love.

The female body on the other hand is in its nature more like that of a cat. A cat is not ready to do anything on request. A cat has its own unpredictable life rhythms. It jumps or catches a bird when it wants to. It comes and walks around the owner’s leg rubbing it when it wants to be touched. It turns over on its back when it enjoys touch and runs away when it doesn’t. It requires a special kind of stroking, soft and gentle. No cat owner can ever force the cat to perform an action on command, like you can with a dog. A woman’s body is the same.

Every cat owner eventually gets to know his cat’s preferences and behavior and treats it accordingly. Every man needs to learn about his female partner’s body reflexes and reactions and develop techniques to help the woman relax. The first step towards this is for the man to relax himself.

And the woman is the loving, caring “dog owner” who can help the man relax! In the beginning of the intimate connection she can bring her own sexual energy to the man and balance him by massaging him, nurturing his body and showing him the loving, caring attitude she would have towards a baby.