Why many couples have sexual problems

Today’s world is a place where most men and women are working excessively to reach high ranking positions in their jobs or trying to be in the spotlight. They are focused on their career and pay little attention to creating loving relationships, better health and meaningful intimacy. Yet, rank, status, wealth, fame and other achievements mean nothing when it comes to personal happiness. This happiness is impossible without true loving intimacy.

Trying to replace the lost sense of intimacy with simple animalistic physical activities isn’t enough. We eventually lose our energy, disconnect from our partners, become lonely and unhappy. In fact there hasn’t been a time in the history of mankind when people created love and intimacy consciously. They always relied on spontaneity and instant desire. They never found the keys to keep love flourishing. People of different nationalities and different faiths have the same vision of intimate physical connection: passionate desire followed by a lot of physical activity, culminating in a huge energy release that leaves the body relaxed but empty with no desire left. Unfortunately this vision and subsequent practice does not keep the desire alive for long. In many people this gives rise to the question of how to find something more meaningful.

A lot of people these days read great books, meditate, practise yoga and listen to spiritual teachers. Most of these people are happy and balanced, yet when it comes to intimacy many of them find themselves completely lost. They can’t make this area of their lives as satisfactory as other areas. People with no interest in spirituality or self development are even more lost. They follow a path that is completely damaging and destructive when it comes to creating loving relationships and their attitude towards physical connection. They repeat what they see in the media or on the Internet; information full of abusive content.

All problems in intimate relationships spring from the following: a misunderstanding of intimacy, a lack of romantic creativity, limited knowledge of the human body and poor skills in the art of touch.