The idea that male and female bodies are sexually very different is wide spread. So is the idea that women need less sex.

Women usually don’t worry a lot about how to satisfy their men sexually. They worry about how to attract men and keep them from other women. This is the main reason why, especially in long term relationships, they have sex with their men out of duty. However, men always worry about how to satisfy women and are looking for all possible tips on female arousal.

Though men and women differ in how they relate to their sexual instinct, when a couple share love their bodies are very similar. Both sexes have the same physical and emotional reaction to loving touch, eye contact, a gentle voice, to words of love and the smell of the loved one. When both bodies become givers and receivers of love, men and women have very similar experiences. The lovers become as one. This is because our human senses are the same, which means there are a lot of touches and elements in love-making that men and women can equally enjoy.

The purpose of physical love is to create these elements and touches to make a man and a woman feel as one body.