Sex is touch, instinctive vs nurturing.


Sex is touch. You touch your partner when you have sex with him/her, your body is touching his/her body by different parts of your body.

If you follow so called “passion” it could be that it is just your instinctual sexual drive. It can create the kind of touch which is pure an automatic response on stimulation or hormonal urge for reproductive release, and this kind of touch has nothing to do with creating the feeling of love.

You can be driven by this instinct, indulge in it, expect it to give you satisfaction and happiness.

Sooner or later you will end up empty, disappointed and often resentful towards your partner. Maybe still believing that another, ‘better’ partner will do the better trick.

Or you can eventually become worried by the absence of sexual desire, by a lack of sexual drive and arousal. Thinking you need more excitement, more and stronger stimulation, or again a ‘better’, more exciting partner.

Or maybe you have given up on sex completely, having lost all hope that there will ever be a way to have a happy sexual life with the person you love.

The truth is, the problem doesn’t lie where you think it does!

It is not by satisfying your sexual instincts that you will find sexual happiness and a happy lasting love relationship. No mater how skillful you get in stimulating erogenous zones and driving yourself and your partner towards orgasm.

The sexual instinct in itself is very limited and it has nothing to do with love. But it can be used to express and nurture love and a loving relationship, and this is the way to put it to right use.

You need to become the master of your sexual desire instead of being the slave of it – or of the absence of it.

It all begins with the body. It all begins with TOUCH.

We can all learn how to connect with and channel our sensual and sexual energy which is part of us no matter our age. We can consciously use it to give love to our partner.

It all begins with touch.

The way to do this is through learning how to give and receive loving touch.

Only through the right touch can you be a great lover and deeply connect with another.