How sexual problems rise


Very often people hesitate to come and to see me in fear of what they might find about themselves or about each other of they are couples as most people never talk to anyone about how they feel in sex. Most people do not understand that sex cannot be viewed as a psychological problem. This is what all psychiatrist state. All sexual problems are rooted in physical body. None of people have sexual problems. Nobody needs to be fixed. There is nothing wrong with any man or any woman. It is all about physical body sensitivity. This sensitivity need to be respected, cared of and explored in order to create in physical body the sense of pleasure, which starts from creating the sense of comfort. What most men and women are trying to do is to become an owner of some another physical body, not the body they have now and here at this particular moment. They want the body which is aroused, or which is providing a certain sensation to their brains… So, they do not accept and enjoy what they have, they want from themselves to feel something else, as well as they force the partner to feel something else. But, nobody can force feelings. Nobody can feel pleasure when there are a lot of worries and demands from yourself or from the other person. Yet, most people create these demands every time they want to be physically close with each other. This is how sexual problems rise.