What is intimacy?

We all want intimacy though we often do not understand that intimacy is different from just being sexual or having sexual desire. We all want to be sexually attractive. This is a deep and fundamental desire in everyone and it gives us confidence, inspiration, energy, a sense of power and well-being. As human beings we are […]

Sexual Innocence

What is innocence? Innocence in general terms is lack of guilt, or lack of wrong doing. It means a person never committed any crime or other offense. We usually attribute innocence to children. They still don’t know about ‘bad things’ or have deliberately bad intentions. They have what we call innocent eyes, not desiring anything that […]

True lovers

During true lovemaking your hands become your eyes, your ears, your brain. Your hands can know everything about your lover just by touching them. And your hands can pass everything on through touch. When people make love they should become like blind people, hypersensitive. A blind person reacts to the slightest sound, to the slightest […]

Male and female sexuality. Cats and dogs!

The male body is in its nature like a dog in the best sense. A dog is always ready to jump and run to catch the ball or stick. It wants to do it over and over again. A man is always ready to participate in sex to “get” an orgasm. It is the biological purpose […]