Unexpected ejaculation during back massage

I got a message from a man in his thirties experiencing an unexpected ejaculation during back massage…

I get massages once every few months. It is a Thai oil massage and I desperately need it for my back, head and feet. Last time I saw a new massage therapist as I was working away from London and during the massage when massaging the thighs the therapist massaged too high on the thigh and brushed against my penis a few times. I thought it may be accidentally, but then it happened a few more times and I ejaculated. It was very embarrassing. I asked for a tissue as there was too much oil in the thigh/groin area and I quickly wiped this area. I’m sure she was aware of what had happened when I quickly wiped myself. There was a wet patch on the towel that was more like a Thai style sarong and it was obvious. She didn’t seemed disturbed and carried on, and I was too embarrassed to remember if she refrained from going high on the thigh now.

It felt as if I left on good terms and was still a respectful customer. We didn’t talk about what had happened. I paid and left and she even gave me advice about my back. Still embarrassed, that night I sent an e-mail to tell her what had happened and to apologize, but also to indicate that she was too close to the genitals and brushed against it a few times. But it was my fault. I should have told her that she was making contact with my penis and I should have asked to take a break.

She did not reply to my message. I sent another apology the following week and still no reply. So I’m guessing in her opinion I broke a rule and am no longer wanted as a client. This got me thinking that maybe I should seek help. I’ve googled what happened to me and seen conversations in forums and it seems to me that what happened is not normal. I’m quite scared that I may need to seek medical help, preparing myself for the worst: that I suffer from premature ejaculation which is seen as a problem. I strongly feel that the reason why it happened is because I’m in my 30s, still a virgin (happy about that as I’m not into having multiple partners in my life and wanting to settle with someone for life) and I don’t masturbate. I am not religious, I just prefer the touch of one woman and sharing the intimate experience with her. So with the lack of experience my penis is a lot more responsive to touch.

But now I am concerned that if I carry on like this it could damage my future… At least it’s seems to have damaged my relationship to the massage therapist!

Your advice and guidance are highly appreciated.

Personally, I can only applaud you! You are a very unusual man these days. No masturbation, no watching of porn and no running around looking for casual sex. You are looking for true love and want to use your sexual energy to feed your relationship and the connection to your loved one and life partner. Well done! You have a very high understanding of sex as love and connection. Regarding your situation I can tell you that your body is working perfectly and rightly. All men have a high sensitivity in the genital area and it is very easy to create arousal and ejaculation. This has been used for centuries by women who wanted to get something from a man. I do not want to talk badly about this massage therapist, but I know that there are women who offer healing massages with no connotation to sensuality who in some cases try to arouse the man and then ask for “extra” so she can earn more money and nobody will know about it. Some men always ask for “extra” themselves when they go to have a back massages. For them this feels better than to use prostitutes. It feels safer and more enjoyable as this woman will not rush them and will give them more time and pleasure.

What I want to say is that she seems to have deliberately provoked the situation. Otherwise she would have answered your message and reassured you, and she would even have apologised herself.