Another man unexpectedly ejaculated during the back massage

Hello Lara,
I hope you’re keeping well and enjoying the warmer weather we’re now getting. My name is Paul and I’m from Kent. I’ve come across your website a few times over the years as well as other practitioners but I didn’t get in contact for various reasons one of them was just what I was seeking at the time I wasn’t sure if you’d be comfortable and I’m aware that a session with a highly skilled therapist is expensive although I do understand time is money. After writing this Email I’ve realised its quite a long read, I just have a habit on explaining a whole story. If you want to cut it short please just read the next and last paragraph. All the paragraphs in-between are just details of what happened to why I’ve Emailed you.
Reason for contacting is because there was a blog you did on 1st November 2016 that I recall where a male client went to have a genuine Thai oil massage and had ejaculated unintentionally – I experienced a very similar thing yesterday and I feel like I can highly relate to what he was saying. Just like him I tried a different massage therapist but in my case I’m new to Kent, I have found a great massage therapist but as she gets quite busy I thought I try another nearby as my back and shoulders were feeling quite stiff.
I normally keep my underwear on as its standard practise and generally if the glutes are involved the therapist just adjust my underwear but as the massage was about to begin the therapist said politely if it can be removed as she massages the hamstring, glutes, hips and waist in strokes and being an oil massage my underwear would get oiled and harder to treat the area but when its time to turn over the towel will be used. I didn’t have a problem as she made a fair point, I know that some massage therapists prefer clients to be naked in order to treat the body as a whole holistically as the glutes are important muscles that are linked to the back and there has been a few times where I have been naked with towel coverage in a massage with 1 or 2 other therapists in the past. I know that every massage therapist are different – different styles, techniques and preference etc.
During the massage for me it was noticeable of the amount of concentration that was applied to the lower back, glutes and hamstring area compared to the rest of my body whilst lying face down. What was also noticeable was the amount of times the crest of my buttocks was being swiped during the treatment from when the buttock being massaged down to the hamstring – it was constant and I thought to myself maybe this is sensual rather than therapeutic after a while. There were a few times just for a short moment where I could sense one of her hand in between my parted legs close to the genitals but as I’m lying face down I couldn’t see how close and its maybe she’s just resting a tired hand for a moment whilst the other was massaging. Now I don’t know how or why and I really don’t know if I was fully erected at this point although it happened yesterday some reason that memory became an instant blur I believe it’s because I was focusing on relaxing and enjoying the massage – but there was one swipe in-between the buttocks I think it must of been deeper (so slightly nowhere being a prostate massage there was no finger or insertion) but somehow for some reason it triggered an “Oh my God I’m going to ejaculate” feeling and I tried to hold it but my body overpowered my mind and it was a big ejaculation. I don’t know how to explain the situation properly but metaphorically imagine feeling ok and then being punched in the stomach and then you instantly vomit, its like that, that particular swipe just sent a signal to a point of no return.
Because of the way my penis was positioned I was really hoping the sperm would just reside in the in the pelvis area so that it didn’t alarm the massage therapist and I could keep quiet about it but I feel because of the amount that was released it inevitably flowed to the high hamstring/thing area which the therapist was massaging often and she noticed as she make little contact with it. Very embarrassing and I just did not know what to do all I could do was apologise immensely, obviously she didn’t seem happy but it wasn’t to the level of unhappiness I was expecting I was ready to accept for her to cancel the treatment and tell me to be on my way. This wasn’t the case she seemed more annoyed there was no raised voices or telling off she said that the next time I come (book a treatment) I keep my underwear on. She carried on for a moment and as I assumed she didn’t focus on the hamstring, glutes, and hips anymore. 
Towel put on my bottom and I was asked to turn over. I wasn’t phased about avoiding the wet tissued patch on the table as I see it as my fluid, I was aiming to remove the tissue and clean the area after the session and I was appreciative that I wasn’t kicked out nor was there any outrage. Massage commenced as normal to a full body as comparable to other massage therapists. I apologised again and she accepted. I did notice when I saw the clock that I must of spent as least 45 mins being face down where normally is 30 mins each way. Massage came to an end 10 mins later and she offered that I can take a shower which I thought was very nice of her as my mindset was to get changed and leave asap. I took the shower, got dressed and apologised again and I thought I try to explain what happened and using her as an example (she has good understanding of English but sometimes things can get lost in translation) I showed that it the ejaculation occurred when she swiped a little in between the buttocks – me touching the point on her body to explain. I think she understood but probably felt like an explanation is not needed.
She did say something along the lines of “next time you can pay extra” I can’t remember word for word but this did raise a spark in my mind and I just felt like a naive person now putting puzzles together in a flash. Being the type of person I am I don’t like being blind to the world I like to know what’s happening around me no matter how good or bad it is. So that made me think she’s probably one of those “masseuse” that offer extras i.e. handjob. So to confirm just so that I’m aware I asked if she massages the private area and she said yes £20. So therefore that must of explained the whole massage main focus on those areas whilst I was on laying on my front!
So I was in a similar situation with the man who you posted his comments online, one of the difference is that I didn’t get banned. The question is though as I feel I’m in a worse situation is am I normal? What the hell happened to me? With the man’s comments I totally get his part as contact was made with his genitals so I understand that stimulation regardless if it little or a lot but with me there wasn’t. I would say that it was a prostate stimulation but there was no insertion and absolutely nowhere near deep enough not by a long margin. I’m a bit concerned my body is not tuned in the correct way and in fact I’m broken. Just to add I too don’t masturbate (never have, I’m not religious I just don’t find self masturbation appealing I just want to experience it was a woman), I’m in my 30s also and as you’ve might of guessed I too am still a virgin. Am I an example of someone who needs medical attention? Is this the result of having no sexual experience where the body tries to release itself? Am I fixable or honestly am I a damaged man?
Hope you hear from you. Again, paragraph 1, 2 and 8 is all you need to summarise the other paragraphs just help elaborate.
Kind regards
Dear Paul, your body is absolutely healthy. Almost any man of your age will ejaculate from such stimulations, which you have described in your email. Even if the massage therapist did not touch directly the client’s genitals or his anal. A male body is sensual in many parts. Male skin can be as sensitive as female skin, especially in the areas close to genitals. A man can get aroused not only from touching his penis, testicles or anal, he can get aroused from touching his skin in many other parts of his body. Some men can get very aroused and ejaculate even from touching in a certain way their neck. And a man get especially aroused if there is the work of imagination or fear. The more a man is afraid of sudden ejaculation the more there is possibility that he will loose control. Almost any man can get very aroused and ejaculate from certain touches to his buttocks! Women, who offer massages, know that, they can use many tricks to provoke a man to face this “unexpected pleasure”. It is clear that it was the case in your situation with this massage therapist. She wanted you to pay her more money in a future. My opinion is: if a man has ejaculated during massage, he does not need to apologise, unless he did something obvious and deliberate to call his ejaculation. Your body is alive and sensitive! And this is good! Ejaculation is not a sin, it is normal healthy reflex of a male body. This reflex is strong in men till the age 55 or so. So, there is nothing for you to worry about. And there is nothing bad about your arousal and ejaculation if it happens again in other situation in your life unless you abuse somebody or did something obvious and deliberate in front of someone who did not want you to get aroused and ejaculate. This massage therapist wanted you to ejaculate, it is for sure!