Best Choice

Unfortunately most intimate relationships start to have problems after a time. Why? Because the body gets older and the natural physiological desire based on hormone production – which, by the way, has nothing to do with love – ceases. Because we get used to our long term partner and the initial triggers, like appearance, novelty and sexual longing for our partner, do not work any more. Because the sexual techniques we used for years become a boring routine. Because our bodies can no longer perform the physical actions aimed to stimulate sexual arousal that we performed when we were younger. However, the main reasons for our problems with sex are a limited understanding of sexuality and an undeveloped skill when it comes to lovemaking.

Most people do not realise just how much intimacy depends on their physical body, on how they perceive it, how they treat it and how they interact with another physical body. Unfortunately the fact that the physical body is the main source of attraction, joy and worry, has a very strong impact on the relationship. If your physical body does not feel comfortable, is not aroused enough, is hurt, or doesn’t reach orgasm, you might conclude that your partner is not good for you. You might end a relationship with a person who could really be your true soul mate and a wonderful partner in all other aspects of your life. How your physical body interacts with the body of your partner can maintain or destroy the relationship.

But! Where people can learn how physically interact? Nowhere! Such things does not teach at universities! Doctors do not explain how to do that either.

Yet, you can learn this art! You can bring “Unimacy” into your life! And this choice will be the best in your life. As you can create truly happy and truly loving relationship. No money, no success, no any other life achievements will make you as happy as loving and caring relationship can do.


Where my knowledge come from?

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