How sexual problems rise

  Very often people hesitate to come and to see me in fear of what they might find about themselves or about each other of they are couples as most people never talk to anyone about how they feel in sex. Most people do not understand that sex cannot be viewed as a psychological problem. […]

Couples in crisis

Couples came to me in almost a crisis and after the first session they see that their problems were misleading information about sex and intimacy received from outside world. Every couples problem is totally unique. Yes, the information most people get about sex from the very early age is very misleading and makes them be […]

A Question: Can I talk dirty while having sexual intercourse to ejaculate inside her?

  There is difference between sex for love and sex for physiological release. In first case you are having sex to make your partner feel loved and appreciated, in second you are just using your partner’s body to release hormonal tension in your own body and maybe in hers too, but it has nothing to […]

Sex is touch, instinctive vs nurturing.

  Sex is touch. You touch your partner when you have sex with him/her, your body is touching his/her body by different parts of your body. If you follow so called “passion” it could be that it is just your instinctual sexual drive. It can create the kind of touch which is pure an automatic […]

Everyone Longing For Love Can Create Love

Creating love is the same as creating anything in life. You need to focus on it. You need to focus on it constantly. Like you focus on your work to get better at it and be promoted, you need to know what is your focus in physical love. What are the elements you need to […]

Unexpected ejaculation during back massage

I got a message from a man in his thirties experiencing an unexpected ejaculation during back massage… “I get massages once every few months. It is a Thai oil massage and I desperately need it for my back, head and feet. Last time I saw a new massage therapist as I was working away from […]

Her Body Is Mine

A French couple came to me for a consultation. They had almost filed for divorce. The problem was that the woman had a lover. We talked for a couple of hours and they gave me a lot of details about the relationship and their marriage. They had children and had been married for ten years. […]