Coaching Couples

For every couple there are many aspects to the relationship, but the sexual communication is fundamental. This makes it very important to maintain it until the end of our lives.

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The practice of Unimacy is a magical journey during which you are constantly learning about each other’s bodies and energies. Instead of looking for stimulus to create arousal you discover more love and deeper connection with each other.

 Sexual connection does not mean having passionate sex leading to orgasm. Sexual connection is nourishing each others bodies through loving touch. Through this type of touch we give love energy to our partner, we express and transmit our love in a physical way using our whole bodies, receiving it through our skin and with all of our senses. Not only does this bring us happiness and peace but it also contributes to our health and longevity.

Producing this kind of touch might not always come naturally as we are taught in our society to expect other things from sex and intimate connection. But when it is absent this is what causes problems in many relationships. We all need this experience of loving and being loved in a physical, intimate way. And it can be learnt! Anyone who so wishes can learn to love physically and become a great lover. Unimacy teaches many different ways of expressing love through touch.

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