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The practice of Unimacy is a magical journey within yourself.  You are learning about your body and energy. Instead of looking for stimulus to create arousal you discover more love inside you and the possibility of deeper connection with your lover.

Every person needs to learn about their sensitivity and sensuality. We need to understand and listen to and through our bodies. Learn how different body parts respond to touch, how the energy flows and moves within and in relationship to our partner.  We also need to learn how to use our bodies to touch another. During lovemaking we use our bodies a lot and we need to learn how to use them rightly, not to create tension and discomfort. It is important to find comfortable positions and avoid overstretching both when it comes to your own body and the body of your partner.

Individual Unimacy coaching is a physical training for men and women including all these aspects of how to experience and create feelings and sensations. It starts as a self practice. First after learning about yourself, about your own feelings and sensations, are you ready to touch another. This way you avoid causing harm or discomfort that might otherwise result from a lack of awareness and presence. Anyone who so wishes can discover the hidden sensual treasures within themselves and learn how to become a great lover. Unimacy can help you on this journey of discovery.

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