Coaching Men


Please look at the page Coaching Programs to see what formats of teaching is possible. Also I can create an individual program for you. The best way to start is to book a consultation with me. You can have 30 min free consultation over the phone or to see me in person. A consultation is a way for you to start talking about your problems or needs in intimacy.

You can book a consultation for 1 or 2 hours.

Fee: £90/hour.

Unimacy Programs will help you to develop a good control of your arousal, to develop deeper your own sensuality, to learn lovemaking skill and to understand female sexuality, to solve many other issues with your male confidence and your intimate relationship. If you have same sex relationship I can help you to create much more beautiful and fulfilling sexual life with your partner.


How to book


Please Contact me and let me know:

–  What option you are interested in

–  What your particular needs are

–  What day and time you prefer

You will get an email reply with all necessary information and answers to your questions.

Please look at my Coaching Programs
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