Coaching Programs

My Private Sex Coaching is like private piano tuition. When it comes to sexuality everyone needs a very specific approach.

You do not need to be in a difficult situation. You do not need to experience problems in your sensual and sexual life. If you are a couple or an individual with no particular problems I can help you reach a new level in your experience and practice of intimacy. If you learn the Unimacy approach and the Unimacy practical tools your love life will become much richer and more fulfilling. 

The Unimacy teaching offers a unique possibility of deeper connection and intimacy and is designed to meet anybody’s needs. In my sessions I create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. One-to-one meetings give the possibility of an open and honest discussion. First I teach a couple or an individual how to expand their understanding of intimacy. Then I provide an effective, clear and inspiring physical training that respects your boundaries. My unique method of physical training includes many elements, such as visualisation, touch, movement. You will receive guidance in exploring new skills at home and this will help you create fulfilling experiences of intimacy.

If your relationship has lost a sense of romance and attraction I can help you gain new insights. I will help you break the emotional and physical barriers that might have been part of your life for years. I will teach you how to create the right emotional and physical energy to bring about a fresh start.

All Unimacy programs take you on a soulful and sensual journey

– alone or with your partner.


All programs include teaching about:

  • your own body and sexual energy
  • your partner’s body and his/her sexual energy
  • erotic and sensual touches to create an experience of love
  • physical techniques to maintain an energy that supports connection and a lasting relationship
  • emotional and physical techniques to create deep loving connection during sex
  • nurturing and relaxing sensual techniques to improve health and a sense of wellbeing


Coaching Programs


3 hour program: includes practical training aimed to give you a greater understanding of the physical, emotional and energetic aspects of sexual communication. You will learn the main principles of controlling and directing sexual arousal in order to create a loving state of mind. You will be taught how to touch in a way that communicates love and care.
Fee: £390


4 sessions program: includes 4 workshops of 1,5h with a gap in between workshops of 7-10 days. The format allows a gradual learning of many lovemaking techniques with a lot of “homework”, which means you have time to practise a lot between workshops.
Fee: £1000 – for a couple, £750 – for men, £550 – for women.


5 sessions program: consists of 5 workshops, 5 days in a row. It is an intense immersion in new knowledge, which allows the body and mind to achieve total transformation. A significant change will take place as repetition always takes things to a new level. You will learn to focus on the loving aspect of sexual connection. Daily training will help you reduce your biological desire towards high arousal and orgasm and establish a new habit of looking for more gentle and loving sensations.
Fee: £1000 – for a couple£750 – for men, £550 – for women.


5 hour program: is one workshop lasting for 5 hours. It is an option to learn the Unimacy practical tools for those who are not able to see me repeatedly, due to living far from London or for other reasons. The program is a training in lovemaking concentrated within a short space of time. It is an intensive training that can be a new beginning for you, opening the door to a loving sexuality.
Fee: £1000 – for a couple, £750 – for men, £550 – for women.


It is also possible to create a completely individualised program suited to your specific needs.

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