Factors which create the negative effect in your love life

  • Judging your own body performance and your partner’s.
  • Making your partner feel that he/she haven’t satisfied you.
  • Comparing your partner’s body sensitivity with other people’s bodies.
  • Telling your partner about your experiences with others, no matter good or bad.
  • Holding back expression of love and affection.
  • Expecting from your partner more than he/she can do.
  • Relaying on spontaneity of your love expression.
  • Making other areas of your life more important than intimacy.
  • Expecting that your partner must think, feel and act the same way as you do.
  • Manipulating your partner to get what you want.

Intimate relationships is the most delicate and fragile place in your relationship. This is the area of your life with your partner where you have to look after each other, where you have to care of your partner.

Men and women do not realise that physical body subconsciously dictate us to protect ourselves. Intimacy is the place where we use our physical body a great deal. Mainstream tips what is good for intimacy can not work for many people, especially women. Physical body does not understand logic. Physical body lives on senses. It can only feel good or bad, comfortable or not, it can feel pain or pleasure. It just feels! And no philosophy or theory can make the physical body feel this or that way. It only can react on impact produced upon it. Many men and women often are focused too much during intimacy moments on their own sensations, on their own bodies. They just “want” to feel certain sensations. They do not understand that they are breaking the fundamental law of love which is making the partner happy. Many people, especially men, make wrong assumption of what makes their partners happy. Often they produce on their partners’ bodies the impact which does not create sense of pleasure, care or affection, but opposite, negative reaction. Touching somebody’s body is an art, all people should learn and develop, just like a musician develops the art to touching the piano keys to make a nice sound.