Intimacy Problems

In men

Lack of powerful energy (ED)
Lack of semen discharge control, too early (PE) or delayed (DE)
Lack of desire
Low desire
Addiction to watching stimulating films




In women

Physical pain and discomfort
Lack of energy and intensity for big O
Lack of desire
Low desire



Don’t you see that all these problems have nothing to do with love!

Traditional medical doctors and other traditional therapists look at intimacy only as an physical activity which is conducted by a biological reproductive instinct: men should have a good full ability to perform this activity and they should always discharge semen, women should desire men who are good “performers”, who always obtain a full potency for that activity, plus these men should always be able to take women to a very high intensive completion. If the reality does not fit this picture both men and women feel that something is wrong with them or with their partners. Love, emotions, feelings are not included by official medical institutions in this picture of intimate interaction. What is also totally absent in this picture is a consideration for the unique energetic capacity of the physical body of each particular individual and his/her body ability to create high level of energy intensity at the present moment. If a man has problems in his intimate life, clinical doctors would try to strengthen his reproductive capacity through medication or even surgery, which can be very bad for general health of a man and his physical responses will not be natural even damaged even more. If a woman has a problems in her intimate life she would probably see a traditional psychologists who would talk to her for months about her own past and the past of her parents, and even grandparents. Some women with tightness in their vulvas are recommended surgery, which can damage their body and cause even more discomfort in their by presence of scars after operation. Most traditional methods create in men and women more despair, anger, pain, shame and complexes. Even if these therapies do work, but they do not work for long.

The Unimacy Practice is the way to remove any ‘dysfunctions’ just by developing different practice, by better understanding of bodies, their sensitivity and by learning skill of communicating with bodies with love and care.

Bring into your intimate life these three principles:

  • Your past is irrelevant – only the “NOW” is important.
  • The goal of intimacy is NOT to produce high levels of intensive energy and then it’s release.
  • The goal of intimacy is to express and receive LOVE!

Working with couples and individuals for more than 18 years I see that there are no problems, no age differences, no difficulties when LOVE is experienced and expressed. Physical love is different from the biological functioning of the physical body. Yet, physical love is not automatically programmed into the human body. Physical love needs to be developed and created. All tools for that creative process can be learned. My Unimacy teaching offers many beautiful and loving techniques to open and maintain right energy in physical body as well as bring emotional closeness (open the hearts for love).

Regular Unimacy practice will open to you new dimension of your intimate life. Unimacy is not a treatment for “dysfunction”, it is not healing – it is awakening and walking a new road because you have learned new skills. It is a new life for your body because you have learned to listen to it. It is a new way of physical loving, a new way of creating emotions, a new way of connecting with yourself and with your existing or future partner.

The Unimacy practice will not only help you gain true confidence as a lover; your specific problems will become irrelevant to you and to your chosen partner. All problems disappear not because they no longer exist, but because they take on a new meaning for you. They are no longer seen as problems but simply as natural physical responses at this particular moment in time. In my programs you will learn how to create any responses you desire, yet, taking into consideration the reality of the physical body. You will learn the art of physical love. It is a joyful, gentle and a loving journey, alone or together with your partner.

Unimacy teaching is very powerful because it’s principles are the true reflexion of reality but not an illusion. Unimacy teaching is practical, it is a direct physical experience without much theory or talking. Unimacy is a direct way to your sexual happiness via body senses.

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