A lot of men believe that they are very tactile and sensual…

A lot of men believe that they are very tactile and sensual. ‘I love touching a woman’s body’, many men would say. Yet, they do not consider that they also have to be present with their women but not live in their own fantasies about touching a female body. A lot of men touch the female body just for their own pleasure, even if they would not agree with that. And, in a way, they like to touch women with no consideration of what women may feel. An average man does not think about that there is a person inside the female body, and this person wants to feel right in her own body. Every woman has different sensitivity. Every woman has different state of her body and mind in different days. And also every woman wants to fee loved and cared of, when she is touched but not just stimulated.

The female body provides a very nice tactile sensation for a man’s hand, and so to his brain. Female shape, smoothness of female skin excites a man, it creates arousal in his body. Yet, this should not be the main reason for a man to touch a woman. Most men would say: ‘This is not the reason why I want to touch my woman! I touch my woman for her! I want her to feel good and happy! I want to give her pleasure, that’s why I touch her!’ Yes, a man could have a good intention, but in reality of physical body he can produce the wrong and not very pleasant touch.

Today we live in a highly developed society. We do not want to use sexual energy only for reproductive purpose. Women are no longer dependant on men and they too want to be sexually happy. So, every man needs to be educated in two things: 1. How to manage his sexual energy, 2. How truly love the female body.