Meeting Me

Meeting me in person has a very powerful effect on people’s lives, it changes their lives tremendously. I provide very effective and powerful physical training which you can hardly find anywhere as all my techniques are my own creation and exploration. Unimacy techniques are beautiful, romantic and create a lot of pleasure and love. If you are a couple you will practice these techniques on each other. If you are an individual you will still practice physically but you will use many different imitators of human body as well as some techniques can be trained using my body (fully clothed).


Dear Lara, we both found your course most enlightening. We were speaking to our friends recently and described your method of teaching as the best sort of learning: not dense and technical but, rather, a radical shift in consciousness and body sensations: from one way of viewing and experiencing sex, to another. Powerful stuff!”


All these years I have been professionally engaged in what is commonly referred to as intimacy therapy yet I would not define my work in that way. “Therapy” is when something goes wrong and you need to fix it. I believe that we cannot fix our intimate life. We can only create it! Just like two dancers create a beautiful dance. Or like two singers sing together a beautiful song.


I believe that an intimate relationship is a constant creative process in which two people are mutually involved. That’s why my work differs from traditional psychology and sexology. I see intimate relationships as an art form, like dance and poetry. However, I understand that not everyone can be an artist. Like having a talent for music, some people are given more sensual abilities than others. Nevertheless, I have had workshops with troubled couples who never before believed they could create opuses of great love finding themselves inspired to great depths of beauty and emotion. At the end of the day we all want to feel LOVED!

My teaching is the opposite to the cold logic of traditional couples therapists and psychologists. I am saying to my students that digging up the past does not make any sense when facing difficulties in your intimate relationship. I even think digging up the past is dangerous. It makes us regret, blame, feel shame, bringing us back to negative emotions. We don’t need them anymore! Intimacy can only be experienced in presence and in the present. The past is not relevant to it at all!

The main elements of that presence is touch. Touch has an incredibly powerful impact on human emotions. Touch effects our feelings, our sense of love. How we touch is the key to a happy intimate relationship.

In my extensive work with couples and individuals I constantly develop touch technology. Touching is like creating a melody in music. Intimacy should be a physical process that brings us the greatest joy and becomes the most beautiful expression of love, like a song. I always try to create imaginative explanations and find poetic words to bring beautiful images to my students minds.


I have worked with countless complicated cases including marital crisis and relationship breakdowns. Often was the introduction of a correct approach to touch that saved these couples on the brink of separation and even divorce. My constant observation of my own experiences and those of my clients brought me to form my own pioneering theory and system of physical communication between two lovers. I believe that Unimacy has the potential to become the new paradigm for intimate relationships. While my work is influenced by a number of external sources I have formulated my own original fundamental principles for creating a happy intimate life. These principles are revolutionary and transformational for most people.

The matter of intimacy has a very delicate nature. My code of conduct is to make my every client very safe and happy. We do not have in our society an official institution of teaching loving touch as such institutions are hardly possible.

Read my blog, watch my youtube channel, read my book and see me for a consultation, coaching or participate in my other evens or projects.

You will be able to estimate how much you can put your trust in me only after going through some forms of my teaching. And you will see a grate sense in what I am teaching. I am a mature woman with a lot of life experience and I am an unique teacher of physical love. I have helped to thousands of men and women so far and my wish to serve more people in understanding and skill of love-making, such an important and beautiful human expression. I am very professional in my teaching of intimacy and body loving sensitivity. You will feel totally relaxed and safe with me. Yet, I do not belong to any organisations of any kind (there are so many of them and every day some new associations appear), and I haven’t obtained any kind of these new-age diplomas or qualifications. My teaching came out of my work and life experiences, from my own research and common sense. I do believe in my own credibility as my unique style and discovery.

Read my book  “Unimacy. Love And Intimacy That Lasts” to see my point!

Here I am, with my products and services. Talk to me over the phone, send me email. Life does not need to be so complicated as well as love should not be so difficult. Under my guidance in a few simple steps you can reach the heaven of love and pleasure.