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Unimacy therapy instead of traditional counselling




The most common problems in intimate relationships

– Physical problems.

In men: Premature /delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire.

In women: painful sex, lack of orgasm, lack of sexual desire.

In both: low sexual energy.

– Lack of intimacy.

Or a sense of dissatisfaction. One of you or both miss physical closeness but something stops you from having it or getting pleasure out of it.

– She has/had a lover.

Your female partner has a lover or had a lover in the past. You will explore together why she decided to be intimate with someone else and was not happy with you. What does she need as a woman to be fulfilled with you? How can you develop better intimacy with her?

– He has/had a lover.

Your male partner has a lover or had a lover in the past. You will explore together why he decided to be intimate with someone else and was not happy with you. What does he need as a man to be fulfilled with you? How can you develop better intimacy with him?

– Asking for divorce.

Restoring intimate life can often solve many other problems within the marriage. You will discover how to love each other physically again. You will develop skills tomaintain your loving connection and build a strong platform for your marriage.

Hate and anger.

You don’t want to separate. You live together for your children’s sake. You think that this is the only way to stay with each other. You can start loving each other again. The Unimacy program will allow you to explore how to heal your emotional wounds through loving touch and the positive energy an intimate relationship creates.


When the intimate life goes wrong everything in a couple’s life can go wrong. Your hearts are bleeding!

Many troubled couples think that a lack of intimacy is a result of relationship problems. They do not realise that it could be the other way round. A lack of or unsatisfactory intimate life creates emotional tension and ensuing relationship problems. That’s why many couples having marriage counselling fail to save their marriages.

Private Coaching
helps men and women break through emotional and physical barriers and find a way to explore the art of love together, support and help each other.

Many couples have difficulties when trying to explain or show each other how they want to be touched. Often women think that their men should know how to make love to them. They expect the man to always to initiate physical contact.

If women do not experience pleasure they can start to avoid intimacy. Most men try hard to please their women but when they worry about their performance they can fail even more and start to avoid intimate physical contact. It is a common situation. A lot of couples feel disappointed and frustrated with their intimate lives and end up having very little desire and energy to be physically close.

A variety of loving techniques can change your emotions thereby enabling the relationship to change. Loving each other physically can not only restore a couple’s intimate relationship but bring it to a new level of much deeper love.

To overcome long lasting problems a couple needs time. Often they cannot do it on their own. They need to start a new journey under appropriate guidance. Two people are participating in the act of intimacy and both need to be willing to change to achieve an improvement.

Bring warmth, light and a new sunrise into your physical connection!


Booking a private coaching session is a very courageous step for many couples. It is worth it.

This investment in your relationship is an investment in your most powerful source of life energy.

The reality is that many couples go through divorce because of problems with intimacy. Having an affair or being in a marriage where intimacy is absent is a very common situation that many couples face. When separation occurs it brings with it a huge loss of money and energy. Even more importantly it creates a deep emotional trauma not only in the hearts of the adults but also in the hearts of their children. It is better to prevent this trauma by learning how to maintain intimacy and love.

A series of sessions is a very powerful breakthrough therapy for a couple as this form of teaching and therapy allows a more detailed approach to their problems under the direct influence of my positive energy.

Couples need an assessment session before booking the coaching package.

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