I am, Lara Anderson, a Love and Intimacy Inspirational Coach and Guide for more than 20 years. Please read My Story.

I am the Author of ‘Unimacy’.  Everyone can benefit his/her love life with the philosophy and practice of Unimacy. The theory of “Unimacy” is explained in my book  “Unimacy. Love And Intimacy That Lasts”.  You can develop the Unimacy practice via my off-line and on-line training programs.

“Unimacy” is the philosophy and practice which brings partners together and creates a deeper feeling of love between them. I have made the word “Unimacy” from combination of two words: “union” and “intimacy”. In this combination I see a great meaning: uniting with yourself, with the partner and with the whole universe as well as being intimate (open) with yourself, with the partner and with the universe. I believe that the act of intimacy is the place where partners experience an incredible sense of closeness, openness, honesty, truth, purity and sharing.

Through more than 20 years of professional practice I have been an exclusive coach. I met all sorts of people, including high ranking executives and people in the spotlight whose status required high levels of privacy and confidentiality. Yet, rank, status, wealth, fame and any other achievements mean nothing when it comes to intimacy. When we get naked we cannot hide who we really are. We are not just the shape and appearance of our bodies. We are feelings! We are touch! We are reciprocators and appreciators of touch. Yet, do we know how to touch each other? Many people don’t.

The paragraph from my book “Unimacy. Love And Intimacy That Lasts”

“Sexuality is a very important part of everyone’s life and it affects us in the most powerful way. Being sexually attractive is everyone’s deep and fundamental desire. It gives us tremendous confidence, power, inspiration, energy and a sense of well-being. We all are able to have sexual desire. It is an instant and a very powerful sensation in the body. Yet, sexual desire does not mean intimacy. The huge market for sexual services, sex toys, pornography and even mainstream sexual education, develops in men and women a desire for pure physical sexual gratification instead of encouraging them to develop deeper love. All of this disconnects the feeling of love from sexual pleasure in people’s minds. Because of this many men and women have given up on their sexual happiness, especially those who are married or living in a long term relationship. Often a couple’s sex life becomes a boring routine focused on reaching climax or one partner demands from the other his or her physical pleasure. The absence of a happy sex life inevitably creates a huge distance between partners. Longing for love brings people together yet sex often separates them. Why? Uncontrollable sexual desire, passion, physical actions towards reaching orgasm can all be demanding, stressful, exhausting and often even painful for the physical body, as well as impact on one’s emotional state. In the sexual act there are two people involved which means both will struggle if the sex life is not satisfactory for one of them. Everyone believes that he/she deserves intimacy. Yes. This is true. We are all born sexual beings and human beings! What is not true –  men and women know how to be intimate, how to make love instead of having sex. The skill and the art of lovemaking is not given men and women by nature. By nature men and women can only act via instinct, which is the basic body functionality for reproduction. In order to create the beautiful experience of lovemaking men and women need to be trained in such skill and art, just like a pianist or dancer is trained in relevant art.”



Most people think that the body is not as important as the mind. In reality the physical body dictates the state of the mind. Happy body creates happy mind. Many people sexually abuse, use and disuse their bodies and body’s energies. Unimacy practice has a very deep meaning – to create happiness in the physical body.

So, your best choice is to become a student of Unimacy. Learning Unimacy elements, techniques and tools you will gain a very happy body, you will make your partner’s body happy as you will become a wonderful, amazing, creative and attentive lover for him/her. You can have love life with the same partner which will last till the rest of your physical existence.


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