Women want ‘a ready man’ who already knows…

One of my blog readers has sent me a message: “Indeed… Women are flowers of life… Thank you for the insights. What do you think of women who say they want ‘a ready man’ who already knows how to please them?”

What do I think of women like that? I think that they will never be happy, they will never find a man who already knows how to give them pleasure because the female body, and psyche in particular, is very changeable. A woman can feel different every day. The same touch can create different reactions on different days. In fact, there cannot be such a thing as “the same touch”. We never can repeat the same touch. We can repeat the same intention and feeling towards our partner, but our touch still will be different.

A male body is easier to get to what we call ‘orgasm’, though ‘orgasm’ does not mean sexual happiness. Female sexual happiness does not depend on orgasm at all.

So, a man can be easily confused and lost in his trying to please his woman, unless she initiates the things she wants to feel. Every woman needs to be open about how she feels. She needs to learn to recognise her needs clearly and to communicate them to her man. 

Using her own body she needs to create for herself the right mood, tempo, and touch. Through creating an example with her own body, which her man can follow, she can educate him in giving her pleasure. Only by following her body language can a man understand her body, and do what she wants him to do.

This body language is not given to us, humans, by birth. This language is called the art of sensuality and love-making. Any woman is much better in speaking this language because the nature of her body is more sensual by definition. She needs to open this language in herself, master it into a great art of physical loving and lead her man into this world. A man always is physically clumsier, he is always less sensual by the fact that his skin has 60 times less nerve endings than female skin. So, only a woman can be the director of this art. It does not mean that a man cannot have initiative and be creative. He can! Very much so! But he needs to learn from his woman first. HIS PARTICULAR WOMAN! A different woman, logically, has a different sensitivity.

So there are NO ‘ready men’ for the sexual happiness of a woman. A woman always has to help her man become a good lover for herself.